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Experienced Water Well Driller

Edward Wright Well Drilling – serving Sudbury, Espanola, North Shore, and Manitoulin areas.

We are a family owned business, boasting 4 generations of experience!  Beginning in the early 1800’s, and continuing excellent service right into the 21st century!

We take pride in what we do.  Contact us today for all your well drilling needs.

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The Well

For a long time I’ve had something to tell
About the merits of a good drilled well,
Our wells are made good and tight,
Cased with the best of standard pipe.

No surface water can enter there.
That gathers filth from everywhere;
Secure from rats, toads and snakes.
Which often cause pains and aches.

Don’t be afraid a few dollars to spend —
The best is the cheapest in the end,
My terms are easy and my prices are low,
So don’t hesitate, I can please you, I know.

When once it’s done it always will last,
And you will be happier than you were in the past,
Stock well watered will do with less feed,
Let me drill your well and you’ll have more than you need.

You may say what you will, but this I do think,
Your health will be better if pure water you drink,
So take my advice of a very good plan,
And come and see me as soon as you can.

Author: Dalton E. Wright